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 1. Registered Exporter – (REX)
Tyre-Import GERMANY GmbH is certified Registered Exporter – (REX).

The Registered Exporter (AE) status is an authorisation issued by the Customs Agency.
Our customers around the world will benefit from easier customs procedures and from tariff- advantages such as customs-free/duty-free imports of tyres according the EU-trade-agreements. REX certification is valid for shipments from more than 6.000,00EUROS value of goods and in trade relations with the following countries:

UNITED KINGDOM (TCA), JAPAN (EU-Japan-EPA), CANADA (CETA), SINGAPORE (SG), VIETNAM (VN) and IVORY COAST/COTE DÍVOIRE (CI), GHANA (GH) but also States oft the Eastern and Southern Africa (COMOROS, MAGAGASCAR, MAURITIUS, SEYCHELLES, ZIMBABWE) according ESA – Economic Partnership Agreement.




2. Approved Exporter status (AE)
Tyre-Import GERMANY GmbH is certified Approved Exporter - (AE).

The Approved Exporter (AE) status is an authorisation issued by the Customs Agency. It allows us to certify the preferential origin by including a specific declaration on the invoice or another commercial document identifying the exported products without any limitation oft the amount. The origin declaration has the same legal value as a movement certificate EUR.1 or EUR-MED.

Thanks to this declaration, our customers in the destination Country won’t have to pay customs duties or will have to pay inferior customs duties. It is a simplification set out in Art. 120 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2015/2447.
The invoice declaration submitted by the Approved Exporter substitutes the issuance of the EUR 1 or EUR-MED movement certificate for the exports towards Countries that have a trade-agreement with the EU.


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